Convenience and increased variety for employee meals. Greater control and efficiency for companies.

Whether they’re working late or tied to their desks all day, Seamless makes it fast and easy for individual employees to get the meals they want delivered straight to the office. Employees get online access to hundreds of great menu options and never have to worry about saving receipts or doing expense reports. Companies can rejoice with a customised checkout page that that captures all billing information and enforces budget rules and time restrictions. Best of all, you’ll receive just one invoice for all orders placed on the account.

How Employee Meal Ordering Works

  • Using their own secure username and password, designated employees log onto
  • Employees browse menus, select a restaurant, and add items to their basket.
  • At checkout, employees provide specific billing and budget information (customised by each company), submit their order, and receive a confirmation email from the restaurant.
  • The restaurant prepares and delivers the order. Happy employee!
  • All orders are billed to the company account and your company receives one electronic invoice. Happy accounting!

Helping Companies Manage Employee Meal Spending

  • Need to restrict ordering to specific times and locations? That’s easy to manage in your company’s account settings.
  • Different budget allocation for different employees? We understand and make that easy to manage.

Contact us to learn how Seamless can customise the checkout process for your company, and save you money at the same time.